We Develop Impactful and Influential Leaders for Your Business

Are you struggling to find influential leaders who can...

make an impact on the hearts and minds of those they lead? Succession planning, identifying individuals with the critical leadership qualities, and developing their leadership skills have been rated some of the most difficult tasks an executive team is faced with today. 

Our Experience

Since 2004, we have been bringing our passion and expertise to support global enterprises such as Sanofi, Dover, Takeda, Tripadvisor and HSBC Bank across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.  We help you to develop exceptional individuals who lead others with impact and influence by connecting deeply with those they lead.


Great training programs invoke cognitive and kinesthetic shifts. They invigorate. They make you want to do somersaults with excitement and apply new skills all at once. We integrate play not to spice things up but as an essential tool to deepen the learning process.

These are the  key elements of our work:

Play-Drill Deep-Reflect-Integrate-Evolve.

Some of Those We Partner With


How Do We Develop Leaders?

We assess

We assess

We assess


Using objective tools that effectively measure an individual's leadership competencies, strengths, and areas for growth is where we begin. We incorporate all former assessments to present a holistic picture of the individual's skills, passions, and drives. 

Assessments and feedback are also available in a virtual format.

We train

We assess

We assess


We teach granular behavioral skills based on well-researched competency models. We incorporate play as our means of increasing retention and openness. 

Our top programs include: Leading With Essential Influencing Skills, Leading Change, Leading with Critical Emotional Intelligence, & Leading Through Crisis. 

Whether it is a small group or a large conference we deliver both in person or virtual format. 

We coach

We assess

We coach


Our coaching style is intended to create fast, observable behavioral changes. Our coaching service is available both face to face or in a virtual session to meet your current needs. 

We  help you develop and refine your leadership competencies. We are committed to enhancing the leadership influence of every leader we coach. 

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