Virtual Space


We Train Virtually

Influens is here to support you and your team with virtual training. Here are some ways we support you:

  • We assist you with transitioning your live training and workshops to a virtual format. We customize your programs to be highly interactive, increasing retention.
  • All Influens in-person programs can be formatted for live virtual training that is fun, interactive, generating excitement and enthusiasm.
  • We offer quick 90-minute "Spark Leadership" live  online programs. Some of these are: Leading Change, Excelling with Emotional Intelligence, Getting to Flow: A Focus on the Theory of Constraints & Connect Not Transact.


We Coach Virtually

No matter where you are in the world, our virtual leadership coaching is impactful and effective. We help both emerging and seasoned leaders to excel in complex enterprises by broadening their cultural competencies within a global mindset. We reinforce granular leadership skills that each coachee can immediately integrate.


We Assess Virtually

At Influens we offer assessments and feedback sessions in an online format with all the strictest confidentiality and using the latest empirically valid and reliable tools. 

Assessments are meaningless without a robust and nuanced conversation.  We excel at diving deep in our feedback conversations. We use our assessment tools to both cement immediately actionable behaviors and invoke transformational insights.

Some of our most revealing and impactful assessment tools include the Hogan Suite, EQi-2, DISC, & Strengthscope.