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Great training invokes cognitive and kinesthetic shifts. It invigorates. It makes you want to somersault with excitement and apply new skills at once.

That’s what we do.

Leadership Presence:  Recharge your presentation skills. Clarify your messages. Channel a radiant public self.

Influencing Mojo:  Switch from instinctual to strategic shaping. Extend your personal influencing range. Shape conversations with joy.

Team Aerobics:  Clarify how you wish to play with each other. Shift team dynamics. Make the invisible conscious.

Leadership Mastery:  Raise your Personal Leadership game. Personal Awareness, Influencing Mojo, Coaching Excellence, Change Shaping, Team Aerobics. Become what you didn’t think you could be.

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All Influens programs are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and German.

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