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My week was hi-jacked by your basic nasty cold.

Sore throat, fever, guttural coughing. Grim. The life I had planned came to a sudden halt. Bedtime. Rest. Antibiotics.

And because I felt so vulnerable, I was doubly touched by the many random acts kindness that came my way.

Tye, king of the condo-building next to my house, called to tell me how much he liked the new landscaping that we had just installed at the start of the week.

The neighborhood really appreciates you, Tye said.

Tye never calls me. I was buoyed by his comment.

Lucia, my neighbor to the other side, sent over a juicy mango. Emanuella, a friend from Twitterland and a potent avatar/energy channel, summoned healing energy from her home in another part of Broward County. I felt the energy invade my body. Instantly. Piercing, soothing.

When I dashed to my local pharmacy at 4 AM to grab some cold medicine, I so appreciated that I live in a country where you can get this stuff at 4 AM. And instead of encountering a sullen worker itching for his shift to end, I was treated to a round of social banter with Ricardo, a cashier with superb conversational skills.

Random acts of kindness. Unexpected. Not required. Beyond the call of duty.

I think of all the little ways in which we can lift each other’s energy, every day.

As I channel-surf one evening, I stumble on a TV-chat between the actress Debra Winger and the actor Alec Baldwin. Ms. Winger, who starred in her first Broadway production last year, the play “The Anarchist” by David Mamet, is remembering the moment when Mr. Baldwin burst into her dressing room after just having attended the performance. Both chuckle.

But what you didn’t know, Alec, Ms. Winger elaborated, is that when I left the stage door that evening, the producers were waiting to tell us that the play was closing early. I had no idea they would or could do this. We were already a limited run. And we had had a full house!  

Mr. Baldwin read about the closing notice in the papers the following day. He returned to Ms. Winger’s dressing room again that night, simply to reassure her that her acting in the show was great.

That, Ms. Winger said, I will never forget.  

Ms. Winger and Mr. Baldwin are not close friends.

Random acts of kindness. They energize the world around us. Their impact transcends the act itself in ways we cannot possibly know.

As you go through your week, notice your “kindness instincts.” When you have a fond thought of someone. When you appreciate what someone has done. When you are delighted by an unexpected turn of events.

And instead of letting this instinct slip away – express it in an act of kindness. It will energize the other person. It will energize you. Yippeee.  A great cosmic win.