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I spent two weeks with my parents, back in 1987, holed up in a sprawling motel at the base of the pyramids outside of Cairo, Egypt. Glamorous setting, I know. True story.

Seductive as this may sound – it gets kind of dull pretty quickly, staring at the great pyramids, day in and day out. One morning, as I sat on my terrace in a languid stupor, dipping a pasty croissant into my watery coffee, I noticed a British family on the terrace next to mine. A cheery dad, an attentive mom, and a boy and girl who looked to be about 4 and 6. Dad raised his glass of orange juice, and the other 3 followed suit.

“Let’s have a wonderful day today,” Dad said with a beaming smile and a booming voice.

I was startled. In my family, mornings never began with a toast. I knew this British foursome WAS going to have a wonderful day. They looked forward to it. They anticipated it!

This week many of us toast a new year. We hail new beginnings. We may or may not make commitments. All cool.

But just for this week, let’s keep it simple. Let’s consider what we look forward to as we begin each day:  

  • If truly pleasant things await you, why not look forward to them with sweet anticipation? It will heighten the joy of the moments to come.
  • If potentially less pleasant things await you, fine. But consider – is there a way to flip your story of what those moments might look like?
  • Either way, here’s the principle: My anticipation energizes the moments that are about to unfold.

So, why not choose to shower your day with radiant anticipation? Look forward to it…