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Gabriel made a simple commitment.

I will give 3 heartfelt compliments a day, he said to me.

Gabriel is a fast-rising corporate star. A brilliant alpha-leader, with all the assets and potential dark sides that come with alpha-energy.

I belong to the alpha tribe. I know.

Heartfelt. I like this choice of wording. Gabriel snuck it into his commitment statement. A wonderfully aspirational phrase.

Wonderful. And not easy.

I believe in switches.

Heartfelt requires a switch.

From alpha-energy to really-notice-energy.

From in-your-head to in-your-heart.

It’s a fine place to lead from.

And not easy.

To give a heartfelt compliment, we need to feel it in the heart.

We must allow for the time and space to know what the heart feels.

Yes, we have to FEEL. Be anti-alpha, for a moment.

I’m not doing so well with this, Gabriel writes to me in an email.

The ice-bucket-challenge is easy. Literal. Concrete. Undeniable. Instant.

The heart-felt experiment forces us to fully drop into any moment. To notice nuance, see complexity. Appreciate what we see. And have the courage to let you know that we appreciate.

From the heart.

Yes, it’s a switch

I consider 3 heartfelt compliments a sublime alpha-heart-medication.

If your doctor prescribed you 3 daily pills, you’d take them, wouldn’t you? Especially if they were good for your heart. And you wouldn’t think of skipping a pill!

Gabriel’s 3 heartfelt compliments are your 3 daily pills.

They will force you to slow down.

They will get you from your head to your heart.

They are good for you. Why skip something that is good?

This week, be good to yourself. 3 pills a day. 3 heartfelt compliments.

See what happens.