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Daniel Goleman, the psychologist who revolutionized leadership thinking with his work on emotional intelligence, got folks talking last week.

He disseminated an essay by Ernest R. Anderson Jr, MS, RPH titled Is Connectivity Causing a Poverty of Attention?

You know the message. Our focus on technological gadgets is stunting our ability to focus on the present moment.

I agree.

Focus is the burning hot new leadership currency.

How we focus outward is just one part of the equation.

In some ways it’s the easy one.

Yes, it behooves us to know how to focus on others. Filter the overload of stimulation.

It is equally vital that we know how to DRAW FOCUS.

You have sat in meeting after meeting where a colleague is seeking to make a point – and you just don’t care.

Not because of the point. No, because of your colleague’s inability to take focus.

When it’s our turn to speak, we better DRAW FOCUS. Instantly. Otherwise we become just as instantly irrelevant.

This is basic old-school stuff. And because we tend to get more and more distracted with too much on our minds, we increasingly forget the basics.

When it’s your turn, DRAW FOCUS. Some essentials:

  • Hit the ground running.

When you make a point, don’t crawl your way into it. Don’t warm up as you speak. Don’t ramble on. Decide before you utter the first word what you wish to say. Then simply execute.

  • Let your voice do the work.

Don’t mumble. Don’t speak as if you’re having a private chat. When you’re in a group meeting, it’s never a private chat. Articulate your words fully. Own your language. Fill the room with your volume and energy.

  • Choose to be bold.

We are bold every time we use vibrant words. We are bold when we don’t hide behind apologetic body language. We are bold when we have a clear point of view. If your point of view is that there is no clear point of view, be bold in claiming that point of view.

In an increasingly distracted world, these DRAW FOCUS basics are more essential than ever.

You can blame others for not paying attention, or you can choose to DRAW FOCUS.

The choice is pretty clear.