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Attention, says Chris Hayes, the moderator of MSNBC’s “All In” program, is the scarcest commodity of the 21st century.

True. In her book “Reclaiming Conversation,” Sherry Turkle writes eloquently about the differences between (more…)

New York City veteran newscaster Joe Scarborough calls out Hillary Clinton on twitter after her victory speech, the night of her primary wins in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio.

“Smile!” he demands. (more…)

It is so simple. It is always available to us. And we forget.

When a business conversation suddenly gets stuck. When we start playing verbal ping pong with another person and are determined to win the point.  (more…)

80 % of business meetings are entirely unnecessary. The quality of conversation that occurs does not warrant the time allotted for the event. Magic will not happen. A click of the SEND button to disburse updates would have done the trick. (more…)

You know you’re smart. You know on any given day you’re able to figure it out. But today, just for today, your brain is going on strike. Can’t process another piece of information. Can’t look at one more spread-sheet. Can’t listen to one more scintillating idea.

Mental fatigue. Shut-down. Brain-dead. (more…)

I am at Wisdom 2.0 in San Francisco, hanging out with wisdom seekers from around the world. 3000 of them. That’s a wealth of wisdom, a lot of curiosity.

It’s a cool tribe of people committed to being mindful. At work, at home, in life, every moment.  (more…)

I read lots of books on leadership. I love being inspired by new thought. And once in a while, someone utters something that puts all this new book-wisdom to shame.  Someone delivers the back-to-basics message.

Mitch, a CEO with a resounding success (more…)

Boil it down, and every conversation unfolds in one of two ways: It becomes predictable, or it takes an unexpected turn.

A social dinner the other evening so compellingly reminds me. 7 of us in a beautiful home in the enchanted Lakes section of Hollywood, Florida where I live. 2 of the guests are new to me. (more…)


A great word. Like passion, like integrity, like synergy – a word in danger of becoming an easily uttered cliché.

What does empathy-in-action actually look like? Do I “feel” more for my colleagues? Do I behave more kindly toward them? (more…)

I read this suggestion the other day. It made my skin crawl.

Write down 10 things you would like to do differently in 2016, the offender suggests. Write each on a separate piece of paper. Toss the pieces of paper into a glass bowl. At the end of the year, retrieve the glass bowl, pull out your papers and see how you did.

10? Are you kidding me? (more…)