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I have a checkered past. I consider it one of my finer assets.

Here’s a thing I learned in my years of coaching actors: It is great fun to dance on our personal edge. The edge is where we expand our personal range. Discover who we really are. It’s where bold leadership begins.

I lived in a little white house in Tobago for a while. Windsurfed every day, months on end. That was my personal edge after I left my theatre life. I became a darn good windsurfer. For a time it was enough.

This is the message on my friend Lynne Hurdle-Price’s answering machine: “I am out in the world, making a difference.” Yes, that is my real frontier, as well. That’s the one.

In my year of living dangerously, I staged a play for Shimon Peres and his Center for Peace. Israeli actors, Palestinian actors. Living together, rehearsing together, performing together. Beersheva, Amman, Ramallah, Jerusalem, London, the UN. Few folks thought it could be done. Fewer wanted it to succeed. The impossible did not deter Mr. Peres.

That’s bold leadership.

Shanghai. LA. Paris. New York. Hollywood, Florida. Just some of the places I love. And every archaeological dig I visited during my childhood in the Middle East. This is what I know from my life in the global lane. No matter where, no matter who. C-level business leader, stranger at the airport, neighbor two doors down. We yearn to connect, all of us. Exuberantly, transcendentally connect.

When we do, magic happens. Profits climb. People clamor to engage with us. And work suddenly becomes a heck of a lot more fun. This can be learned. Explored, enriched, expanded. Now this gets me out of bed every morning.

Allow me to support you and your team in expanding YOUR personal range and enriching YOUR personal impact.

We’ll do it together. And we’ll do it with joy.

“Achim Nowak ignited our audience at Agile Day NY with his infectious keynote!”
Jochen Krebs, Agile Day Conference Chair, President/Incrementor

“I came with trepidation and I left with inspiration!”
Anne Colby, Aetna Life Insurance, Head of Operations

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