January 2018

It’s called Open Space Technology.

Don’t let the name fool you. Open Space is not a new app or a fresh software solution. It’s a conversational framework that has been around for over 30 years. Created by Harrison Owen, a former associate pastor, peace worker and organizational development consultant, Open Space dismantles organizational silos and rigid  (more…)

When I look at public leadership what I see is dismal.

I’m reminded of it as I revisit an article Jay Cost wrote in the Wall Street Journal, The Politics of Distrust (10/17/15). I am reminded of it every time I watch a business executive address a Town Hall meeting, every time I catch a politician make a public statement in front of a camera, (more…)

2018. My one vision for all of us is this. Let’s make this The Year of More Connection.

Well, yes. Duh. Of course, right?

Two seminal articles appeared in 2017 that captured the urgency of our need to connect. They encapsulated a simmering Zeitgeist.Their messages reverberated beyond their intended target audiences and instantly went global. (more…)