January 2016

I have learned to take a pause.

George, the CFO of a multi-billion dollar business, says this to me last week. George is strategy-smart, results-driven, supremely successful. George has also been accused of losing his temper with folks and pushing too hard. (more…)

Boil it down, and every conversation unfolds in one of two ways: It becomes predictable, or it takes an unexpected turn.

A social dinner the other evening so compellingly reminds me. 7 of us in a beautiful home in the enchanted Lakes section of Hollywood, Florida where I live. 2 of the guests are new to me. (more…)


A great word. Like passion, like integrity, like synergy – a word in danger of becoming an easily uttered cliché.

What does empathy-in-action actually look like? Do I “feel” more for my colleagues? Do I behave more kindly toward them? (more…)

Every aspect of work flows better when our relationships work. Let’s make this the year of elevated business relationships!

Classic wisdom is that if we desire stronger relationships, we need to spend more time with folks. If you don’t have more time to spend, use language that accelerates connection. This works best in person. It works equally well on the phone, in writing. (more…)