December 2015

I read this suggestion the other day. It made my skin crawl.

Write down 10 things you would like to do differently in 2016, the offender suggests. Write each on a separate piece of paper. Toss the pieces of paper into a glass bowl. At the end of the year, retrieve the glass bowl, pull out your papers and see how you did.

10? Are you kidding me? (more…)

It’s that time of year. Major transitions.

We switch from work mode into holiday mode. We transition from one year to the next. A time to recalibrate, an impulse toward reflection. We tend to savor these shifts. (more…)

It’s that time of year. Beyond the hustle and bustle, we settle into moments of sacred time.

Sacred time. We stop and remember what truly matters in our lives. We reconnect with our deeper purpose for being here, on this planet. We submit to the rituals that honor the sacred. Private reflection. Prayer.  (more…)

You know how it goes. Rush rush rush rush. And then rush some more. 

Especially during the month of December. End of year reports. Gift shopping. Office parties. And all the regular obligations. Yes, our adrenaline is likely to go on mad overdrive. (more…)