November 2015

How much do I tell, how much do I withhold?

When does self-revelation serve a conversation, when is it self-indulgent?

It’s a game of context and social risk.

As we consciously play the game of life, we ponder these questions every day. (more…)

Let’s do a Thanksgiving Podcast, Jeffrey Shaw, the impassioned originator of the Creative Warriors Podcast, says to me. Let’s talk about how we can fully savor our Thanksgiving moments.

I like the word “savor.” Love the notion of savoring moments. 

Jeffrey and I have our chat.  (more…)

I love tennis. The speed, the technical precision, the nail-biting thrill of a close match.

And I admire Roger Federer.

Ranked #3 in the world at age 34, proud dad of 4 kids, winner of a record 17 Grand Slam titles.

Above all, a class act. (more…)

Two separate conversations, same week.

Each chat is with a CEO who talks to me about a person that reports to him. I have been working with each of these reports.

As we talk, it is evident that each CEO desires the exact same thing for his charge.

I want him to be more authentic.

Let me translate. (more…)

It’s the advice I didn’t expect.

Make sure you have thinking time, says Jeff, the genial CEO of a global manufacturing giant, to his audience of high potential leaders.

Keep track of things you want to think about more. Jot them down. After a short pause, Jeff adds: Schedule your thinking time.

Spoken by a man who, I trust, never has enough time. Addressed to an audience who never has enough time, either. (more…)