April 2014

I spent four days in Chicago last week, hosting a leadership program.

I enjoyed my group immensely. The energy was good.

That’s my language of choice, of course. I’m a personal-energy-guy. I love “good energy.”

As we said our good-byes, however, quite a few of the folks in our group also commented that “the energy was good.” That moved me. It wasn’t just me. The energy WAS good. And it was felt.

There is a field of smile studies. Yes, there really is.

This got my attention.

Most of us believe that smiling is a good thing, right?  Well, here’s what happens in a genuine smile.

Think of it as a one-two punch. Or shall I say one-two muscle tug. A pleasing sensation arouses the brain.


I am suspicious of the word “self-management.” 

Folks consider it a desirable leadership skill.

Still suspicious.

Do we mean “act nice?” Do we mean “not upset people?” Do we mean “act professional” – one of the most loaded clichés in the corporate lexicon?


At a recent National Sales Meeting for a global pharma company in San Antonio/Texas, two Sales Directors rehearsed their main-stage moment.

They projected a video clip of Jimmy Fallon, newly minted host of The Tonight Show, reading a few of his bitingly funny Thank-You notes.

They proceeded to enact their equally boisterous pharma-specific twist on these notes.