March 2014

We sit. We sit. And then we sit some more.

Not good.

Energy killer.  Creativity inhibitor. Attention buster. Bad, all around bad.

Who came up with this crazy notion that we have to sit to work?

The answer is so simple, isn’t it.


Yes, I have been glued to my tv screen while I do my morning toiletries.

Listening to expert after expert try to explain what may have happened to Malaysian Air 370.

I am stirred by the helplessness. Stirred by the how-could-it-happen questions. The human tragedy.

With all the data we have – we don’t know.


Consider the following exchange.

I found it as I flipped through a back issue of Vanity Fair. A recorded chat between the great film director Mike Nichols and the actress Julia Roberts.

They are speaking with V.F. about, among other things, curiosity.  (more…)

We over-schedule. We re-schedule. We over-schedule as we re-schedule. We un-schedule when we have over-scheduled.

Even leisure time is dotted with obligation. Church. Sports. Movies. Family functions.

Lots of it is stuff we cherish. Still scheduled. Often over-scheduled.

My favorite guilty pleasure returned to television last week.

The Voice. 

Heck, not guilty. No. Let me shout it to the heavens. I love The Voice!

The Voice is your not-so-basic singing competition. Yes, it is shamelessly staged and packaged and manipulated, like all reality shows. And yet, it instantly transcends its contrivances.