January 2014

Dread and joyful anticipation.

That sums up my spirit as I picked up the current issue of TIME magazine.

Does anyone still go to TIME for news?

But its current cover story on The Mindful Revolution prompted me to buy my first issue in over a decade.

Dread and anticipation.

My mind has been on lofty stuff.

I have been flipping through Harrison Owen’s book “The Practice of Peace.”  Preparing to spend a week-end in New York in the company of Harrison, the inventor of a conversational framework called Open Space, and other Open Space folk who crave substantial conversations about how we make the world a better place.

Yeah, yeah – I’m one of the many who got caught in travel mayhem last week.

That’s the boring part.

But something pretty cool happened at the Charlotte, NC airport.

I had made it that far on Monday. My connecting flight to Chicago was cancelled. It quickly became apparent that I would not make it to Chicago at all last week.

I urge you to …

I like the phrase. It invites quick action.

Hey, let’s do it now. Let’s do it quickly. Why wait?
It was a running gag between my two holiday house guests. Johann Gauthier and Angela Goodeve.

Hey, I urge you to … They would egg each other on.